We are closer than you think

In fact, we are probably with you every day. Most European cars and trucks contain acm components in the water, oil, fuel and exhaust cooling systems as well in the tank and airconditioning units. Our long years of experience have made us a chosen partner of all well-known cooler and radiator manufacturers in Europe.

So if you have a good feeling in your vehicle, then probably we may have a small share in it.

Our company

That is our Strength

Since 1987 we have been forming precision tubes from various aluminium alloys, brass, copper, steel and stainless steel. Our long years of experience consistent development of state-of-the-art processing equipement and our reliability as a supplier make us into a strong partner for industry, in particular for the automotive industry

We are ready for you

We support you in the development of new production parts which we manufacture on time with the highest degree of process reliability. Starting with tool manufacture and going through to the final product, including a wide range of finishing techniques, we are equipped for a large variety of tasks.


At acm-Fahrzeugteile GmbH your career takes a new direction – upward. We are always on the lookout for high performers with high expectations.

Acm-Fahrzeugteile GmbH is currently not looking for new employees.


In excellent form

No wonder, if you think of the many processes which we have made standard within the area of precision forming.

We form tubes and connecting pieces with diameters ranging 5 mm to 35 mm. Bending radii of up to 0.7xD with a tolerance range of +/- 0.04 mm are possible. We also form and finish the ends of the tubes in many variants for applications.

When we talk about the best possible form, we mean forming with perfext end finishing. Including vibratory grinding, brushing, deburring, sandblasting, degreasing, caustic degreasing, anodising, tinplating, phosphatizing and powder coating.

Is there anything missing from this list? Then just ask us about it. 


What else you should know

We define quality at the optimum level. For ourselves and to your benefit. Our Quality Management System is certified to DIN ISO 9001, showing that we work to the highest standards




Our address is:

acm Fahrzeugteile GmbH
Junghansring 60
D-72108 Rottenburg-Ergenzingen

Telephone:  +49 (0) 7457 / 956860-0

Telefax:         +49 (0) 7457 / 956860-58 (General)
Telefax:         +49 (0) 7457 / 956860-49 (Dispo)
E-Mail:           info@acm-Fahrzeugteile.de